OrgPublisher is an innovative software that collects and organizes data from multiple sources including ERPs (SAP HCM, Success Factors, Oracle, PeopleSoft), HRIS, payroll, Microsoft Excel and applicant tracking systems to create dynamic, hierarchical organizational charts that provide deep visibility finto your organization. 

Create professional Orgcharts simplifying organizational chart design

See your organization afresh with the new OrgPublisher Web App

OrgPublisher from PeopleFluent isn’t your average org chart generator. It lets you see your whole enterprise from any angle. Through any lens. Get all the information you need to make plans, decisions, and adjustments.

OrgPublisher Web App of Charts from Legacy OrgPublisher

This video reviews the process of migrating existing charts to OrgPublisher Web App when a client has not used HTML5 previously. Current customers who have only used Legacy Charting can review this video to see how easy moving to the new technology can be accomplished.

OrgPublisher Web App: Optimized for the way you want to work

Most of us are spending more time online using browser-based productivity tools, which makes the web experience increasingly important.
OrgPublisher Web App is optimized to work as a Saas-based program. It is responsive, faster, and more easily accessible. It also is designed for mobile use because questions about your workforce can’t always wait for you to get back to your desk. Your workforce is ever-changing, growing, and evolving. 
Your org charting tool should be built for the complexity of modern organizations.

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